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Fantasy Character Design + Illustration


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I am a freelance illustrator and character designer.
My artwork is mainly inspired by 90's anime, manga, RPGs, classic fairytale illustrations, and anything fantasy related. I'm also inspired by fashion, nature, BJDs, and tattoos / body modification. I love to combine cute and bubbly with weird and otherworldly.
I also enjoy music, coffee, aesthetic things, video games, and my cats.
I've self-published my own storybook MOON which you can click to read if you're interested.
I stream on Twitch weekly if you ever want to watch my art process or hang out and play video games. I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have during a stream.
I currently update my Patreon most frequently, so if you're interested in updates every other day and commission priority, it's pay what you want monthly.
Commission information can be found above, though I am open to larger freelance projects on a case by case basis so please message me to discuss.
You can find my galleries, shops, and everything else below but if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a good day ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค

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▸ fiyunae@gmail.com

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Blue Yeti MicRode PSA1 Swivel Mic Boom ArmLogitech C920 Webcamx2 Dell 24’ Ultra Sharp MonitorsCanon EOS Rebel T7i DSLRSigma 30mm lensWacom Cintiq Pro 24Ergotron ArmVaridesk Standing Desk
Streamlabs OBS [streaming + bot]Photoshop CC + After Effects [graphics]


-What tools/ brushes/ etc do you use?
▸Click here for a list of all my streaming specs
Traditional: Anything laying around. Blue and red Col-Erase pencils, mechanical pencils, brush pens, Micron and Staedtler liners, Copic sketch markers, and gouache.Digital: Photoshop: Some of my favorite brushes are from this preset from Zhu Zhu and this preset from Pedro Figue. I also like Kyle T. Webster's brushes which you can get for free if you pay for an Adobe Photoshop subscription.
Procreate: Mostly edited versions of the Narinder Pencil [can be found under Sketching].
Tablet: Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 + iPad Pro 12.9

-How long have you been drawing?
Pretty much forever, but I've been drawing seriously for over 15 years now.
-Did you go/ where did you go to school?
I went to Digipen Institute of Technology and completed 2/4 years towards my Bachelors in Digital/ Fine Arts and Animation.
-Who/what are your inspirations?
To name just name a few of my biggest influences: ✧Artists: Rabbitwar/PrincePeridot, Akihiko Yoshida, John Bauer, Kumaekake, Trungles, Ryusuke Mita, Rumiko Takahashi, Claire Wendling, Joy Ang, Tegan White, Tyrus Wong, Rabbiteyes, Beatrix Potter, Miss Etoile, Elk64, Aoi Nanase, Rei Izumi
+ more people I follow on twitter and instagram
✧Games: Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Granblue Fantasy, JRPG's in general, Silent Hill
✧Shows/Movies/Manga: Chobits (CLAMP), Digimon, Inuyasha, .hack//, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Princess Mononoke, The Secret World of Arrietty, Dragon Half, Shamanic Princess, old styled animes
✧Other: Nature, fairy tales, mythology, ball jointed dolls, music, tattoos, body modification

-Is it okay to get your work tattooed?
Yes as long as you respect my requests - 1) That it’s not a commissioned piece for someone else 2) Proper credit is given to me for the original design and the design is not altered too much, and 3) You send me a picture if you do, I’d love to see ;> No payment is required, but tips are always appreciated. You can do so either through my Twitch or Ko-fi page.




••• Select a style below to be taken to pricing •••

--RPG styled--
character art

━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━

-- Your character drawn how I would see it in an RPG/JRPG styled world. --

•Detailed textured lines with flat colors.
•Choice of action or neutral pose.
•Linework only (no colors added) may be requested for lower cost.
•Props, weapons, companions, and magical elements may be added for additional fees.
•MINIMAL background/ ornamental elements may be added for additional fees.
INCLUDES: full white background + transparent character files


Full character from hips up.
[~2000x2000 px]


Linework only: $250


Compacted character with exaggerated proportions.
[~2000x2000 px]


Linework only: $300


Full character.
[~4000x4000 px]


Linework only: $350

More examples:

--Full render--
character illustration

━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━

--Your character how I would see it in an RPG/JRPG styled world fully rendered with background.--

•Detailed textured lines, color, and full lighting and shadows.
•Choice of action or neutral pose.
•For a lower cost you may request a greyscale rendered illustration, meaning you would receive lineart with lighting and shadow only
(no flat colors).
•Props, weapons, companions, and magical elements may be added for additional fees.
•Background elements/scenery may be added for additional fees.
INCLUDES: gradient lineart background, white background + transparent character files

Your choice of exaggerated chibi or fullbody styled proportions. Unless a full background is requested, all come with a gradiented lineart background like the example.
[~4000x4000 px]

Chibi: $450
Fullbody: $500

Greyscale chibi: $400
Greyscale fullbody: $450

Please note: The prices above are base prices and reflect an image like the example.

More examples:

character design

━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━

-- Custom RPG/JRPG styled character or outfit designed just for you. --

•Front view, flat colored concept for best visual display.
•May include additional design notes.
•Additional views (ex: back view, nude character base, etc.) cost extra and may be added upon request.
•Props, weapons, and companions may be added for additional fees.
INCLUDES: full white background version

Your choice of a character or outfit made for you in an RPG inspired fashion based on your prompts or at random.
If you have something specific in mind, please include at least a moodboard so I have a general direction to go in.

Character proportions are subject to change depending on the character prompt.

Outfit only: $150

+ layering: $200

Full character: $250

+ layering: $300

Layering: The outfit layers broken up individually for better understanding. See below for examples.

More examples:

[please note: the first 3 are a bit old so the style is not 100% accurate! ]


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-- Custom black and white tattoo designed just for you. --

--how to request--

Before contacting me, please...
•Make sure you read over and agree to my T O S.
•Make sure that I am accepting commissions before sending in your request.

I open limited slots when I am ready to take on new commissions and will always share on Patreon and Twitter when they are open.
The status on my commission page is also usually always up-to-date.
When you're ready to request, please fill out the information below in an e-mail and send it to me. Any sections left blank I will assume you do not have a preference.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out for clarification!

━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━

Type:Character | Rendered | Custom Design
Style:Halfbody | Chibi | Fullbody (if applicable)
Character Name + Personality:As much or as little as you want to share.
References:Links or attachments to visual references/mood boards.
Additions:Prop | Weapon | Companion | Magic | BG (if applicable)
Pose:Action | Neutral
Theme:A few descriptive words or ideas for the commission. (Ex: Magical, Ethereal, Dark, Dreamy, Cute, Melancholy, Floral)
Important Details/Other:Anything I should take note of or anything that doesn't fit within the other categories.
Paypal:Where I should send the invoice to.
Username:If you have somewhere you want me to link to when posting.
WIPS:Yes / No

▸send to fiyunae@gmail.com


━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━
Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!
Please read the following carefully and only hire me if you agree to these terms.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Fantasy/ RPG
•Original Characters
•Minor gore


•Real people

? TENTATIVE (ask me)

Open to series I enjoy or characters that fit my style (personal use only)
Dipping my toes in, nothing extreme

*bold is preferred

-Terms and Frequently Asked-

Artist's Rights--
• I reserve the right to decline any work if I find it outside of my skill level to complete to the highest standard.
• I retain copyright to the commissioned artwork unless discussed otherwise and copyright is transferred.
• I reserve the right to use, publish, livestream and record the commissioned artwork/process to share and promote on Patreon and other social media unless discussed otherwise.
• If commissioned for fanart of an existing series or franchise, I reserve the right to sell the artwork at any given point, such as prints or in art books (transfer of rights not applicable to fanart).

Client's Use and Understanding--
• Unless discussed otherwise, the client agrees that this is strictly for personal use and does not have the right to reproduce the artwork for any profit whatsoever.
• The client owns the right to use the commissioned artwork as they like (posting, printing, using on stream or as an avatar/banner, etc.) as long as proper credit is given to me as the artist and no profit is made.
• If the client intends to use the commissioned artwork for commercial use, this MUST be disclosed at the start of the commission process as the transfer of rights must be purchased and will affect the total cost.
• The rights may be transferred via a commercial fee of 300% of the original commission cost, in addition to the original cost.

Payment and Process--
• Payments will be made with Paypal in USD.
• Payments will be made up front before work on the commission begins (larger payments may be split up upon discussion).
• Payments will be initiated via an invoice sent to the client by myself.

WIPS and Adjustments--
• If the client is interested in seeing previews (work-in-progress/WIPS) and giving feedback during my working process the client may request up to three WIPS for additional $20 per preview. This must be discussed before work begins. If not discussed, the client agrees to trust my judgement and will see the artwork when finished (though I am always open to feedback if I did something in error, so please don't hesitate to let me know).
• Changes to the illustration/ design may only be made during their specific preview periods.
• I offer these three WIP periods as examples, but if the client has a preference for when they'd like to see the piece I am flexible:
+ Sketch: Very rough black + white sketch of the initial design/concept
[client may provide any feedback regarding the design/pose during this phase]
+ Lines: Final clean lines
[you may provide any minor feedback regarding the overall lineart during this phase]
+ Color: Lines + rough flat colors added
[client may provide any feedback regarding the colors during this phase]

Custom Characters and Adoptable Designs--
• In purchasing one of my character designs, you are agreeing to partial transfer of rights. This partial transfer of rights is for personal use only and I, the artist, retain copyright of the initial artwork and design to use on my websites, portfolios, etc. unless discussed otherwise (I will however, never take credit for your character themselves, only the original design and artworks that I create). I may also choose to add the designs (again, only designs I create fully) in future artbooks to sell.
• The client is allowed to use the design in your stories, concepts, redraw them, get commissions of them, print the artwork, use/repost it on your social media, etc. as long as it is for personal use.
• If the client intends to use the design for commercial use whatsoever (games, stories, videos, mascots, other mass media consumption for profit) you MUST disclose this when purchasing as transfer of rights must be made.
• The client is allowed to change the characters backstory (if applicable), gender, outfit, and small details, but the initial design should remain generally the same. Mixing and matching designs is prohibited.
• The client is allowed to resell or trade the design for equal or lesser value as long as I am informed and the person receiving the design agrees to my terms. If the client chooses, I am more than happy to help rehome any designs.
• Designs may be purchased as gifts or co-owned as long as all parties agree to my terms.

• Generally around 2-3 months depending on the size of the piece. If I ever anticipate taking longer I'll be sure to inform you as soon as I can.
• If you have a deadline, this must be disclosed before I begin. I generally don't do rush orders and if I do it will require a large fee.